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A desire to Imperial Britain.

jolie-region-1.jpgAt equal distance north and south coasts of Brittany, Rennes and Brest, Pontivy area is marked by the imprint of the Rohan family since the Middle Ages. In the streets and roads, punctuated by a rich heritage castles, chapels, villages, shrines and fountains and a knowledge-rich sweet and savory specialties. Napoleon 1st implanted its administrative and military center, Napoleonville. He decided to build the canal from Nantes to Brest, green over water that runs through the region. Its towpath takes you to the edge of the largest lake in Brittany (Guerledan) where beaches and landscapes reminiscent of Scandinavia or Canada will make your day unforgettable. Navigation is facilitated by the riverside towns that have many ports and points stay open to both walkers, walking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, kayaking, houseboats, campsites as truck drivers, campers, etc.

jolie-region-2-1.jpgFurther south, the region possesses its Locminé bagad: The Bro Kevrenn Logunec'h which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2009. Locminé is the countries 'Maillette' mentioned in the song 'The guys Locminé'. The latter part of the traditional folklore of French songs, recovery is systematically Chancel meetings in the region, baptisms, weddings, festou noz or pardons. Locminé has a wide choice to the sports field, including two football clubs, the Saint-Colomban Locmine and Locminoise a Handball Club, in association with the City of Baud and several clubs combat sports, such as Judo, or the Thai Boxing. Since September 2012, the town also has a water park, Aqua'lud, replacing the old municipal swimming pool.




Finally, Vannes, city 64,000 inhabitants, values its tourism assets through development of its old town and its proximity to the Gulf of Morbihan.



jolie-region-4.jpg12,000 hectares of Atlantic away from the waves in Southern Brittany, the Gulf of Morbihan is a miniature inland sea. A magical place where sea, sky and earth mingle in changing landscapes that vary depending on the tide and the vagaries of the weather. The Gulf of Morbihan is part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. The 'Mor Bihan' small sea in Breton, was invaded by the waters of the Atlantic several millennia ago. That's why the ocean ventured so far in the heart of the land to Vannes and Auray by rias typically Breton character, it encloses the ancient hills in a real archipelago island Moines, Ile d'Arz, countless islands and islets, rocky or wooded sometimes carrying a fishing village or simply swarms of birds. Only a gully a mile wide between Port Navalo in Arzon Locmariaquer separates the 'Mor-Bihan' of the ocean and the Gulf maritime heritage extends to the Pays de Vannes bordering the almost ' Island Rhuys south.




We find a great diversity of landscapes and natural environments. Number of species of migratory birds find refuge, which earned the former salt marshes Senna be classified natural reserve (proposed Regional Natural Park). The Gulf of Morbihan never cease to amaze you. Thousands of acres of rocks, beaches, meadows, salt marshes are home to nearly 150,000 water birds: stilts, egrets, Red-breasted Mergansers, gulls, etc ... It is also a paradise for hikers whether on foot, bicycle or kayak: flora, fauna, ornithology reserves...

Most of the oyster beds are located in the Gulf of Morbihan. The adult oyster is the result of a long series of treatments spread over several years.



jolie-region-6.jpgSitting on both sea and land, from the Gulf to the Etel river, there are a little less than thirty tide mills. Precursor tide traction, they are subject to sea Appearing in the Gulf from the twelfth, they will stop turning in the 30s. It still exists today, become second homes or restaurants, some have retained the authenticity of their architecture.




On the other hand, the department has made in 2003 to rehabilitate the salt marsh lasne in Saint-Armel and the first delivery of a salt marsh in Brittany.




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