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The property is decorated with buildings planned for animals (horses box, rabbits, …), of a small house of garden and a reserve with wood. These buildings, fed with water and electricity, can allow various activities such as hydroponic culture, the maintenance and wintering of cars and/or motorcycles of collection, storing of furniture, rent of boxes, guarding and wintering of caravans, campers, boats (the request is rather important on the sector), …


Projection vue aerienneProperty



A: Continuity of the farmhouse: about 80 m². To renovate on two levels for a second house of 160 m² or lodges, guest rooms, indoor pool, workshop, ...



B: Enclosed building of 130 sqm attached to the house north where is the laundry room / pantry.



C: Open shed of 375 sqm in front of the house where we park our vehicles. This is ideal for a business of guard boats or caravans and could be moved to the back ground.



D: Enclosed building of 110 sqm.



E: Enclosed building of approximately 225 sqm.





Concrete slab: 25 m² surrounded on three sides by a wall 1 m in height is installed in the front garden.



Well: In the courtyard, non-potable water wells 12 meters deep, never sold, supplied electricity to put a pump.



Plan de masse longere positiveDétails bâtiments



All these buildings with a total volume of about 1700 m² can be rehabilitated for farming, market gardening or hydroponics (supplied with water and electricity) or used for the security, rental for artisans, ...







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