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:: Availability ::

The property will be available on the sale or on the definitive exchange from September, 2014.



DIRECT SALE of private individual to private individual
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 ¤ ª " ~ ¨¨ ¯ ¨¨ ~ " ª¤ ¤ ª " ~ ¨¨ ¯ ¨¨ ~ " ª¤ GReAT CONCePT ! ¤ ª " ~ ¨¨ ¯ ¨¨ ~ " ª¤ ¤ ª " ~ ¨¨ ¯ ¨¨ ~ " ª¤ 

For her conception, the slightest possibility to reduce the energy consumption was looked for.

Concept more and more used in France.

At first sight, it’s a renewed ‘long house’ as an other one.

But from the entrance, subtleties appear : the choice of the wood for the thermal slowness allows to restore the heat very quickly.

She is designed to have weak needs for heating and consumes little energy to be warmed.

First point : well situated on the ground, she is naturally sheltered from the North and benefits of the heat of the sun thanks to her exposure and most openings the South.

Second point : a perfect insulation of the ground in ceilings and for windows, the double glazing with strengthened insulation, allows to limit the decreases of heat.

Third point : a heating based on a treatment of the optimal air and a thermal mass placed in the conduit and in facade of the insert allows to get calories and to restore them during several hours after extinction of the fire(light) in the form of thermal radiation.

A concept which not consumes much energy, and insures pleasant temperature and comfort all year long.

Cherry on the cake : photovoltaic panels insure an annuity about 1800€ revalued every year.

Here, we spend approximately 400€ to warm, and we gain approximately 1800€ of power production : this house reports 1400€ a year. A not insignificant gain in these difficult times !!

A resolutely intelligent and thrifty house.


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