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Photovoltaic panels, contemporary fitted kitchen, home automation, volume, surface, thermal and acoustic insulation, electric shutters, videophone, environment, well, fruit trees, meadows, outbuildings, ... points-forts-1-1.jpg




Ideal for cottages, guest houses, holiday tourism, business, craft or agricultural, or simply the pleasure of living in harmony interesting volumes activity.





Superbe texte défilant



"Oh No, It's a bit short, young man !
You could say ... oh! God! ... much in sum ...
By varying the tone - for example, consider:

Aggressive: "I, sir, if you had such a notice,
Should be on the field that I offrisse! "

Description: "This is a rock! ... it is a house ... this is a farmhouse !
Nay, it is a farmhouse? ... it is a passive house ! "

Curious: "What is this isolation galore ?
Saving, sir, or comfort ? "

Charge: "Do you hate that the birds
What you've managed with paternally
Not warm their little paws ? "




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